kitchen house is a magic tool.

November 25, 2022 0 Comments

I especially like to buy some good-looking and practical gadgets for the kitchen. They are cute and weird.
Let’s take a look together.
seasoning combination set
A complete set includes four oil pots, three seasoning pots, and three secret chamber pots, all of which are neat and tidy at once.
multifunctional vegetable cutter
Whether it is shredded potatoes, shredded carrots, or various slices, it is worry-free and labor-saving. Slicing does not hurt hands, and the cutter head is easy to install and replace.
Anti-scald clip
With these anti-scalding clips, you will no longer be afraid of hot grills, steamed fish, etc.
rotating spice rack
The cabinet is too high and the contents inside cannot be reached. Use this swivel shelf to solve it easily.
scrub brush
The handle is designed to wash the pot without sticking oil, and the long-handled pot brush with automatic liquid addition can also better brush the head and easily scrub different stains.
double layer drainer basket
Wash fruits and vegetables with one hand, lift and turn, and quickly drain.
Fruit and vegetable ginger and garlic storage bag
Large-capacity storage bag, portable handle, hanging does not take up space.

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